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Whether it's in individual or group sessions, or meditations, the goal is for an open, relaxing and healing environment. Once we are able to gather in groups again, l'aura also provides on going workshops geared towards helping people learn to love themselves while they heal, and to creatively discover their authentic life. Please check the Events page for more details.

l'aura also provides long distance (virtual) Sound Healing/Reiki sessions (which can include a personalized sound healing recording). l'aura also offers one hour virtual Reiki sessions. Please visit the Rates Page for more information about long distance sessions.


Please note: Because of the Covid 19 we will not be offering in person group sound healing meditations. Hopefully they will resume in the fall of 2021. Crystal Music is producing sound healing meditation recordings, please go to our crystal music sound healing  website for more information. l'aura is also offering women's Full Moon sound healing virtual groups with Diane Sidebottom. Please check the Events page for more information, thank you.

If you would like a personal long distance virtual Sound Healing Session with l'aura or help with meditation please check the Rates page for more information, thank you.


Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation: l'aura Carroll plays crystal bowls and sings intuitive sounds while guiding you on a wisdom journey helping to create the space needed and intentions offered along with the sound vibrations for you to connect with your inner wise healer. Danny Carroll is a professional composer/musician that creates magical and musical healing soundscapes with grand piano, electronic music and a variety of instruments and sounds.  

Check the Events page for our next evening or workshop we are presenting. Or Check out l'aura and Danny's sound healing website for more information, testimonials about our sound healing music and meditations and download options: 

A note to those that may not have been to our music/sound healing meditations before:

Our meditation evenings are a place to experience and feel supportive vibrational energy, to be able to relax and unwind, receive and connect with your inner wise healer.

There is nothing you will be asked to participate in beyond the focus of your personal meditation and being open to the healing intentions offered.

No meditation experience is necessary to achieve relaxation. Although the meditation will energetically meet you at whatever level or experience in meditation you are practicing.

Bring: cushions, mat, blanket and pillow for sitting and lying down.

Check out l'aura and Danny's new website for more information, testimonials about our sound healing music and meditations and download options:

 Keith Macpherson interviews Danny and l'aura about Music and Sound Healing on his podcast

"Let's Connect". Listen Here

Here are some of the things people have been saying about how they feel when they experience the combination of Reiki, Reflexology and Sound Energy Healing treatments. 

“I never would have ever imagined sound can help you to feel like that”! (L.G.)


“I see all sorts of vivid colours in my body”,(S.I.)


“I feel soooo relaxed, and I know I’ll sleep better tonight , I always do after a session”. (Y.F.)


“That pain I came in with is gone”! (L.K.)


“I felt so anxious today, but now I see and feel things differently, thank you”! (E.B)






The music below is a clip from the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre's production of "The Shunning", February 2011. The music was composed by Danny Carroll. The crystal bowls were used as an integral part of "The Shunning"' soundscape.










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