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Check out our Crystal Music Sound Healing website for more information, testimonials about our sound meditations and download options:

Keith Macpherson interviews Danny and l'aura about Music and Sound Healing on his podcast

"Let's Connect". Listen HERE



Since we cannot gather at this time, we are offering recordings for you to enjoy for Sound Healing and meditation. See the crystal music website link above for more information. Send l'aura a note from the contact page if you are interested in finding out more about or would like to register for Women's Full Moon and/or Equinox Virtual Gatherings, see below for more information.

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Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation

Clear, Charge and Harmonize - Join us for an uplifting Sound Healing Experience

With l'aura and Danny Carroll

Sorry due to the Covid-19 virus we are cancelling Crystal Music's in person gatherings. For those that have signed up for receiving emails from Crystal Music you will be receiving recordings we are making to connect with everyone and help lift our energy through sound healing meditation, virtually. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive the information, recordings and meditations we offer you, can sign up on our Home Page.

Because of the Covid-19 - our next Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation will hopefully resume most likely in the fall of 2021. In the meantime l'aura is offering Virtual Sound Healing/Reiki and Shamanic healing sessions (which includes personalized sound healing recordings) if you are interested please contact her through the contact page. Also check below for Women's Full Moon  Gatherings, l'aura is doing once again in September 2021with Diane Sidebottom.

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Feel the sonic support through the healing vibrations, frequencies and intentions of the music, tuning forks and crystal bowls!


Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditations includes some guided imagery, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, drum, chimes, mantras, chakra balancing and angel healing chants. Piano and live electronic music and soundscapes are composed for each meditation by Danny.

l'aura and Danny create a one of a kind energy shifting experience of music and sound healing. Which helps create space, lift your energy and manifest the awareness for more unique possibilities in your life.


About l'aura and Danny:

l'aura is a Sound Healer, Hypnotherapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master/teacher and mentor with over two and a half decades of healing and meditation experience working with individuals and offering groups and workshops. l'aura plays a large collection of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, flute, gong, tuning forks and drum among other healing instruments with healing intentions. l'aura's natural, intuitively guided ability using her musical soul song and her Healing Living Symbols shift frequencies that are unique for each groups' sound she works with. This guidance and experience she brings through offers the healing space and supportive energy needed for clearing and balancing chakras, connecting with your guides and activating your Inner Wise/Healer to help with whatever it is you would like to witness change in, to help manifest your wellbeing and wholeness.


Danny is a professional composer/musician and educator that creates magical and musical healing soundscapes with grand piano, electronic music and a variety of instruments and sounds. Danny:

A note to those that may not have experienced our music/sound healing meditations before:

Our meditations are created to experience and feel supportive vibrational energy, to be able to relax and unwind, receive and connect with your inner healer.

There is nothing you will be asked to participate in beyond the focus of your personal meditation and being open to the healing intentions offered.

No meditation experience is necessary to achieve relaxation. Although the meditation will energetically meet you at whatever level or experience in meditation you are practising.

If you know of anyone who could use some Sound Healing Meditation, have any questions or If you would like to hear an example of our free Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditations visit our sound healing website: 

In gratitude, l’aura and Danny Carroll


"You're sessions are very creative.  You and Danny are really synchronized." Jan J.

"Acoustics are wonderful in the church for the grand piano, crystal bowls and overtoning." E.B.


Sound Healing Journey/Virtual Full Moon Meditation Evenings 
for Women

Diane Sidebottom and l'aura Carroll

Our Gatherings Offer:

Support and Connection

Sound Healing Meditation

Sharing and Being Seen and Heard

Our next virtual live on -line event will be in September with a sound healing meditation for Women. Contact l'aura to find out more about it.


Relax at home and yet feel the support and group connection. A recorded sound healing meditation will be sent as well to those who register for the event. 

The evenings are about self-care and compassion, stress relief, releasing old patterns, and support to help manifest your vision and strength through your inner voice. Connect with other like- hearted women.

Experience virtual sound healing/shifting meditation and activation sounds with crystal and Tibetan bowls, chimes, tuning forks, chants/mantras and drum, in an online setting from the comfort of your own home.

Through the monthly gatherings we will explore guided and mindfulness types of meditation, centering and clearing/healing practices, sounding, connecing with angels and guides, chakra balancing, charging and the healing earth connection and guidance with Diane through a unique process of hydrosol.


l'aura Carroll

and Diane Sidebottom

Because of Covid -19, we won't be meeting in person (outdoors) until summer or fall of 2021. Contact us if you wish to be on the list to be notified when we resume in person groups.

Stay tuned for more Virtual Events we will be offering thank you.


Sorry this workshop is cancelled because of Covid, we hope to offer it again.

Mirroring Your Inner Light: A Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation - WORKSHOP

l'aura and Danny Carroll

April 18, 2020  9:30AM - 4:00PM

Sound Healing encourages healing and spiritual growth, and helps to enrich your meditation practice. Sound Healing is focused sound vibration used with intention. It is a powerful energy force that can help to magnetize and manifest what you want to experience more of in your life, especially in a group setting. During this workshop we will guide you on some relaxing and deepening sound healing journeys. As you focus inward you will see that your inner light is mirrored in your relationship with self and others, and find the loving wisdom that is within you to share. This workshop will help you with silencing the mind and resolving recurring conflicts. Our focus will be to give you the tools to help you to clear, charge and find balance.

225 Masters Avenue

204 339-1705

For more information about the workshop content please contact l'aura or Danny at

No meditation experience is necissary to achieve relaxation. The meditations will energetically meet you at whatever level of experience in meditation you are practicing. The focus of our sound healing meditations is unconditional love with healing intentions.


Meditation that Lifts your Spirit!

Meditation is used to reduce stress, and can also help you develop inner peace, strength and joy. As you welcome in the energy of healing, you can break through the blocks that may be preventing the changes you would like to witness in your life.

Our Crystal Music and Sound Healing Meditations provide a powerful healing environment where you can practice techniques to further your personal growth.

Musician/composer Danny Carroll, creates healing piano music and sounds to further the

"As an intuitive practitioner I share with my clients healing techniques I've developed  and learned through my life's exploration and work with energy and sound. I believe it is through a process of holding Vibrational Space that the client's Inner Wisdom/Healer is activated naturally. I utilize these techniques in our Sound Healing Meditations, workshops, lectures and private sessions that I facilitate. Please contact me if you would like to know more about sound healing meditation, book a session or to present at your next health and wellness day Thank you." l'aura Carroll

***************************************************************************************************************************   “The “Healing Living Symbols” are a lot about the landscape in which we allow ourselves to be in- that space of awareness, to plant seeds and grow our perception within it. They are space/dimensions of possibility.”                                                       l’aura Carroll, 2017


We also wanted to thank you so much for the lovely emails from our last gathering and about our sound healing recordings. We enjoy hearing about your experiences you had during the meditations. You can contact us through the contact page or at

l'aura and Danny also present Day and Weekend Workshops in Meditation, Music and Sound Healing and Creativity. If this looks like a type of workshop you or a group you are involved with would be interested in, please contact l'aura and we can discuss what would work well for you.


"I loved the evening. The sounds of the bowls and the wonderful piano playing was heaven." Susan M. 


Sound Meditations out of Town:

Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation

Before Covid 19- Danny and Laura went to Thunder Bay and presented in person, two unique Meditation Music and Sound Healing evenings.

l'aura and Danny presented relaxing piano music and sounds, guided meditation, reflection, and the healing vibrations of the quartz crystal and Tibetan bowls, gong and tuning forks. All of the music was composed specifcally for each evening.

If you have any questions about these evenings we provided or would like to have us come to your city to present please contact us:

danny's website:


If you are interested in attending any of the meditations and recordings of our meditations being offered throughout 2021 and 2022, please contact l'aura through the contact page for more information, or go to: to be added to the notification/subscribe list. Thank you.



Photo by Danny Carroll

"Authenticity is a daily practice.

Mindfully practicing authenticity

during our most soul-searching

struggles is how we invite grace,

joy,and gratitude into our lives."

Brene Brown, PH.D.




Disclaimer: Reflexology, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, The Bars and Crystal Bowl/Sound Therapy is not intended for diagnosis, treatment or cure of a disease. They are relaxation therapies, and are a useful adjunct to licensed, qualified medical or psychological care. For any persistent pain or symptom, even a seemingly minor one, the reader is strongly encouraged to consult a medical doctor. When used in conjunction with standard medical treatment, these techniques can assist the healing process by releasing tension, decreasing stress and encouraging a sense of increased well-being.